Michelle Macaskill

Michelle Macaskill

Melde supports the wellbeing of people and communities by working with them to elevate their voices, and with greater representation understand more deeply understand what really matters to their wellbeing.

Together with the Huber Social team Melde works across both the private and social sector in Aotearoa New Zealand co-constructing measurement projects that effectively measure and manage what matters.

Melde Founder Michelle Macaskill is also the Strategic Advisor at K─źnga VoxPop Limited, an innovate voice-first digital platform for safe digital communities and moderated community engagement.

Michelle's social impact journey

How impact, and particularly social impact, is traditionally measured and communicated became of particular interest to Michelle when she was the Partnerships Manager at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival - a premier pan-art event held in Kirikiriroa each year.

Michelle was frustrated by the lack of a way to truly articulate their impact, and a method of measuring the outcomes that we could not quantify (leading us to report outputs). Simply, we weren't able to measure the benefits that we knew engagement with the arts was having on people's lives. Benefits that appeared to be simply unmeasurable. A problem which applies to many organisations working with people.

Serendipity of timing and a search of social impact measurement methodology led Michelle to her partnership with Huber Social.